SONR: Analytic tool for podcasters

Statistics for your PodcastsSONR (Sonar) is a media tracking tool for content providers. Specifically geared towards podcasters (and later, publishers of video content), SONR’s goal is to provide detailed information on how listeners interact with your content. Currently, most podcasters only know when a listener has downloaded their content, but with SONR’s media player, providers can now track how much of their podcast was listened to and what the user did while listening.The SONR media player also gives listeners a playlist of your content so they can easily find other work you’ve published. There is also the ability to add flags to your podcasts so that users can immediately jump to sections of your file that they find most interests in, a table of contents of sorts for your podcast.The bottom line is that SONR wants to help you better understand how people use your content.For more information, you may want to review this demo.Preview InformationSONR is almost ready for public use. For those eager to try the system out, you can find it here. Any data/accounts/etc. you create now will be available when we go live, however, links you use will have to be updated to remove the “beta” directory in the url.You may log in as “guest” (for all login fields) to see the content providers tools and stat tracking without creating an account.