SONR: advertising, portable devices, and the web based player

First, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what’s going on with SONR.

Right now, I’m in the middle of setting up a hosting account that I will be more dependable for the site and I’ll be moving the service over (so expect some down time in the next week or so). Once that is done, we’ll go live with the service. Oh, and the live version will have a bunch of updates. I’ve added some very cool things based on how people have been talking about SONR. I’ll post here when the switch begins, so that those of you will be aware of any outages.

Speaking of how people have been talking about SONR, I want to give some feedback on some of the things I’ve been hearing lately. Almost every time I hear the mention of SONR, advertising is in the same sentence. Now, maybe a bad move on my part, but I never intended SONR to be a tool that allows podcasters to get advertisers to sponsor their podcasts. That could be a side effect, but I always intended this to be a tool that helps you, the podcaster, better understand how people are using your podcasts. What segments of your podcast are most listened to, which episodes have the highest rate of full listens, which of your other podcasts did my IP address listen to, things that help you to understand what you can do to create a better, more appealing, podcast.

The reason why is that we can’t track stats when played through anything but the SONR player. Yes, that would be a very nice problem to solve, but that is kind of out of my hands so I’d rather focus on ways to make the web listening experience (An experience that is in our hands, you and I, and we can control) something incredible. The web right now is so alive with great people creating great, organic, social tools that I simply am overwhelmed with ideas on how their services could fit into, or inspire other ideas, on social listening of your podcast.

Simply put, we are going to be doing some really cool things that allow you to interact with your listener, and listeners to interact with other listeners, around your podcast, and that’s not something you can do on a portable device. The portable device has its advantages, but there is no reason we can’t create advantages away from it, while we figure out how to talk to it.