SONR: Host transfer complete and service live

SONR has successfully been transferred to its new host and should slowly begin to propagate across the DNS world. The domain is working for me, and shouldn’t be far behind. If you are still not seeing it, you can use the IP address ( to get to it in the meantime. Thank you for all your patience!!

Now, for what’s new!

NEW Pricing: SONR is now a completely free tool for podcasters to track their content with. Previously, the cost of tracking each podcast was between $2.00 to $3.00 USD, but after long thought and debate, we’ve decided to make the service absolutely free. In the future, we will think about charging a subscription fee for premium features, but that’s way down the road, so in the mean time, enjoy the service!

NEW Jumps: Jumps are a new feature that allows you to take your listener on a tour while they listen to your podcast. This feature is only available in the pop up player, not the embedded player (more on that later), so the web page behind the player now becomes a stage for your podcast! Imagine if you are talking to an artist and during the interview you display a slideshow of their paintings in the browser for the listener to watch! This is a fun and exciting way to add so much more depth to your content! Also, this could be a great way to get the listener to your sponsor’s website!

NEW Embedded Player: Now you can embed the SONR player right in your web page and get the same information about a listener’s actions as you would with the pop-up player. Some features, such as jumps are removed, but you still get all the great tracking you need to analyze your podcast.

NEW Code: Behind the scenes we’ve modified the tracking code a bit that is going to give you great ways to visualize what the user is doing. Soon, we will be taking this data and giving you some great new graphs that will help you see your podcast in a whole new way!

NEW Host: I’ve moved SONR to a new host for dependability and have removed the service from BETA.

Additionally, we’ve fixed a few bugs that have popped up and tried to streamline the code to make everything faster. It’s been a great couple of weeks; I hope you enjoy what’s come from it!