DIGG: How I use the service and what tools would help me

I’ve read the studies on how people use Digg, but none of the scenarios fit into how I use the news service. Thus, I’d like to share with the Digg creators how I, and maybe you, use the service…

On a typical day, I might visit Digg 3 times (morning, lunch and before I leave work) and I always do the same thing. I read the front page stories, page by page, until I get to one that I recognize from my last session. Then, I jump to the “Digg for Stories” section and scroll through the pages again, until I reach the point of where I stopped on my last visit.

With this behavior, what I would love to see happen is for Digg remember when I last visited, and show me all the stories that have hit the front page, followed by all the submitted stories since. As shown:


Additionally, I rarely digg a story. As I’m scrolling through the stories, anything I want to read I open in a new tab and continue looking. Once I catch my last visited point, I close the Digg browser tab and go through my newly opened tabs reading each story. If I want to digg something, I’d have to remember to do it when I return to the site later in the day. So, a history of clicked links (similar to Stories Dugg in my profile) would be beneficial to me, as well as some kind of notification on the story lists that I have clicked on an item. Below shows a link I have visited in the past, and one I have not.


That would be the quick solution, something a little more complicated, to emulate what I do with my Firefox tabs, is to allow me to add a story to a Destination Queue. Once I’m ready to start reading my pages, I go to my destination queue and we have two frames, one top frame with the original Digg story info, and the bigger, bottom one, with the actual story. From here, I can even dig the story as I read it, and then move on to the next:


Just a few thoughts… thanks for the great service, Digg!


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  1. I visit Digg very often, and I usually digg before reading the story simply based off the description. I am rarely dissapointed. I do think the stories clicked is good… but not the recently visited. That would be good as a… feature to turn on and off in your profile

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