TNT Feed Parser

I recently saw mention of a web app called Fwicki via Ajaxian. Fwicki is labeled as a “RSS reader that you can tailor to your interest” and that remind me of a personal project I was working on a few months ago called TNT Feeder.


bullet_1 Add a RSS feed here. You can see in the example, I have three feeds; Techcrunch, Digg and Slashdot
bullet_2 Each feed is expanded and inside the feeds are filters. The one selected is called “Just Titles and Diggs” under the Digg feed, which, you guessed it, took the feed from the Digg site, parsed it, and spit out a feed that only contained Titles and digg counts
bullet_3 The selected filter in step two causes this area to populate with the feed/filter information
bullet_4 The is the link to the feed that will generate based on my filter
bullet_5 Here are the nodes contained in the original feed. I can check off which nodes I want in my parsed feed, as well as specify a character limit on the data in that node
bullet_6 Set up the number of items to return
bullet_7 Set up the access to this feed. Whoever I give the parsed RSS link to, I could limit the number of times they can request new data

I don’t think this project is a tool worth building for mass use, but it sure was a fun experiment and also helped me get more practice navigating XML nodes with PHP.



  1. Garrett,
    There is no plugin for WordPress… This is just a Proof of Concept/Personal Project that I threw together to see if it could be done.

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