Looking Back: The NewsSort Feed Reader

I wanted to go back a little and look at a feed reader I created. It was developed early in 2003 if I remember correctly. At the time, I was an avid read of Techdirt. I still am, but back then, that was about the only news site I read on a daily basis. I was really interested in their Corporate Intelligence product and wanted to create something similar.

NewsSort created a social experience around news. Although it is not as open (socially) as digg.com, NewsSort allowed groups to be created with the group creator managing who had access. The thought was to have a company group where co-workers shared stories important to their industry, and communicating about them, which could include sensitive information that would be private to that group. Sounds web 1.0 doesn’t it?



bullet_1 Site stats
bullet_2 Login
bullet_3 Registration

Group Page


bullet_1 Once you log in, you get a list of groups you are a member of

Create a new group


bullet_1 You can create your own groups

Group Members


bullet_1 As the admin of a group, you can manage who has access to it
bullet_2 Typing in email addresses invites new people to your group

Group News


bullet_1 Here is the actual news articles coming in based on selected RSS sources
bullet_2 Each article can be saved to the groups library for later access and commenting
bullet_3 Each group can have keywords that are set to filter the stories coming in

Selected Feeds for a Group


bullet_1 These are the feeds you can choose to get news from. Of course, if I was to set this up today, that it would be open to any feed you wish to use
bullet_2 There was a way to suggest a feed, so that was a start in the right direction

Group Keywords


bullet_1 As mentioned above, each group can have keywords to that NewsSort could filter out items the group had no interest in. I mentioned this was inspired by Techdirt’s Corporate Intelligence, which uses real people to compile important stories for a company, so this was an attempt to emulate that.

Group Library


bullet_1 Here is a list of stories added to the group’s library
bullet_2 Various info of the story is shown here, such as; Date saved, number of comments, importance (as voted by the group) and category assigned

Story with Comments


bullet_1 The story saved in the library
bullet_2 The voting system used by the group members
bullet_3 The comments left by the group members

It was fun to look back at this. There are a lot of projects I started in the early 00’s that I wish I had stuck with (like my online calendar!) and this is definitely one of them. I don’t even recall why I stopped working on this. How do you stay interested in your personal projects?

BTW, I use NewsHutch for collecting my daily news.