Firedoodle Server Problems

Hello everyone. First I want to thank everyone out there that has installed Firedoodle and especially those of you that sent in comments. Firedoodle has become really popular, really fast, and due to that, the current hosting provider can not keep up with the requests from the server and has disabled certain parts of the extension, namely, the ability to pull up saved doodles and placemarks.

To fix this, I am currently looking for a new host and have capped the accounts. There are a few more slots left for people to register (so you can save your data), but not many. Once I get things more stable, I will remove the cap.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please watch this blog for more updates. Thank you all!!!!

Update – Saturday 1:18 am EST

The new server is up and the data has been switched from the old host to the new. Now all we have to do is wait for the DNS changes to propagate… anywhere from 24 to 48 hours (hopefully sooner!). If you see the note about server errors on the homepage at, then you are still hitting the old site (and so is the extension in your browser)…. just hang tight! 🙂

Update – Saturday 11:37 am EST

It looks like the DNS propagation is spreading, I’ve noticed that the new server is picking up a majority of the load. For me, however, I still see the old site. Hopefully the propagation will be complete throughout the web later today.

Update – Saturday 8:53 pm EST

I’m getting the new hosted site now, so hopefully the DNS propagation is close to complete. If you are still seeing the note on the homepage about server problems, you are still hitting the old site. Thanks for everyone’s patience!



  1. Is there a support forum for this extension? The site says I’m registered but when I try logging in I don’t get Save or Log Out options. Would it be difficult to set up your own firedoodle server? I’m really excited about this extension.

  2. I too, am not seeing the highlighted ‘saved’ icon. Hopefully this is just temporary.

    Also, it would be great if I could view highlights left by others. That might be an interesting feature down the road.

  3. Same for me, is there a way to know whether we’re really registered? I don’t get the ‘save’ button.

  4. if you see your username on the right side of the toolbar, you are registered, if you are not logged in, then it should allow you to log in. I’m working on improving the user login/registration system. Also, you can delete your firedoodle cookies and register again if there is an issue (you are not logged in but it says you’re registered)

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