Firedoodle Update

Well, it’s been an entire week since I announced Firedoodle on Emily Chang’s eHub, and the response has been AMAZING. I remember googling Firedoodle that day and getting about 65 results. Today, Firedoodle returns 233,000 results. WOW!

The feedback has been amazing. The first post that day was a very hurtful, personal comment not even related to the tool, which really got me down. However, the following day I had so many positive emails I felt like the king of the world! 🙂

The best response has definitely been from educators and students wanting to use this tool. I hadn’t thought of that application, but I am really honored that something I created will be used in education. That is super amazing!

So what’s new? Well, I’ve taken the most requested feature, and the coolest suggestion, and have started working on them. The most requested is the sticky note system. This is almost done and it’s looking real good. The really cool feature, well, I’m going to save that as a surprise. I think you’ll really like it.

There’s also bugs that need to be worked out. I’m working hard on those, and hopefully can have a bunch of issues resolved in the next release. I’m shooting to rollout the two new features and bug fixes in about 2 more weeks.

Following that release, I’ll be working on the second most requested feature which is sharing. Sharing has always been planned from the start and is going to rock. It’s going to make Firedoodle so much more useful. I think you’ll be really excited to see what I have planned.

Also, I want everyone to know that I read all the emails you send me. I do have a day job, a 14 month old son, and my girlfriend and I just had our offer on a house accepted, and Firedoodle on the side. I’m really busy, so if I don’t respond, don’t think I didn’t read it! 🙂

Thanks everyone!