Firedoodle: Log in bug fixed

The bug that was preventing people from logging in has been fixed. If you downloaded Firedoodle before 4-09-2007 @ 10:00 PM EST, you will need to upgrade to version 0.5.1 found on the homepage.

Thanks for everyone’s patience during this. Your comments via email has really been helpful!



  1. Aloha Daniel. I’m stalking all the PPP Team blogs tonight because … well, because now we can. Having prowled around a bit, I’m almost tempted to start using my Firefox fulltime instead of just occasionally. Or you could just create Firedoodle-type plugins for all the browsers. I’d like to use sticky notes in my browser. Yeah, that would be nice, I’m sure you have nothing but time on your hands. ;0)

    Nice stuff you’re doing, both here an way over there. Mahalo for keeping us rolling!

  2. @skeet – haha.. time, sure, that’s what I have plenty of!! 🙂

    It certainly is possible to port Firedoodle over to other browsers, but right now, it is not in the plans. Perhaps once I’ve run out of things to do to it (features, stability, etc.) it could be considered.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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