Firedoodle: Version 0.6 is now available – Focusing, Stickies, Improved Drawing!

I’m very proud to announce Firedoodle version 0.6! Firedoodle 0.6 offers three major new features which include Focusing, Sticky Notes, and Drawing History. Let’s get right into the details!

Where’s Firedoodle?

First off, when you install the new Firedoodle, you will notice that it is not there. That doesn’t make much sense, right? Well, a lot of people didn’t like the idea of another tool bar eating up your valuable screen real estate, so now Firedoodle is closed, or hidden, by default.


You will notice that there is now a grayed out Firedoodle icon in the bottom right hand side of your browser. Clicking this icon will open the tool bar.


The Focus Tool

Now that you have the tool bar activated, you will notice that there is now a few more icons on it. The first set, after the usual drawing tools, is the new Focus feature. The Focus feature is designed to allow you to bring attention to a certain area of the web page. Clicking the new Focus Area icon will bring up the following:


This is the focus box. Mousing over it will display it’s controls. You can move it anywhere on screen and resize it as needed. Here, I’ve focused in on the main area of the page:


You can save and edit your Focus Areas exactly like you do with the drawing tool.


Sticky Notes

Firedoodle now allows you to add sticky notes to a web page so that you can create notes in finer detail than what is available with the drawing tool. Clicking the New Note icon will bring up a blank sticky note which can be modified.


You can change the color of the note, move it anywhere within the browser window, change it’s opacity, and add multiple notes to a page:


There is a hide button next to the Add Note button that will allow you to temporarily hide any notes on the page so that you can see the content behind it.

Improved Drawing Tool

The drawing tool in Firedoodle is really cool, but if you make a mistake, your only option is to clear the whole screen… well that has been greatly improved. First off, you can undo the last line you draw by simply hitting “z” while you are drawing. But say you want to delete the first line after you’ve drawn many…


Here’s an example where I’ve drawn the digits 1 to 6. Now, if I hit the “h” key (for History), I get a popup that lists every line I’ve drawn in this session.


Rolling over the line will highlight it onscreen (by slightly hiding the others). We can see here that we have the mouse over line #4, as it highlights behind us. Now, all we have to do is click the “X” on that line and that will delete the highlighted line.


In Conclusion

I hope you like the new features of Firedoodle. If you do not have the latest version, please visit and install it. I will work on creating video demos of these new features in action as I can. Thanks for your time!



  1. Thanks heaps, this is proving to be a really handy tool for creating quick tutorials and help docs for our clients.

  2. It stopped working after the latest Firefox update. I cannot even see the toolbar. It’s ridiculous.

  3. I can’t seem to get the place marker to work right — it won’t move no matter how I try to drag or click the arrows.

  4. Hi all!

    I am an italian user… so please forgive my english πŸ˜›
    I am trying to use firedoodle on Firefox on Linux (most precisely Kubuntu 7.04).

    I follow the video tutorial instruction and I also register my self on firedoodle but I am not able to make the “highlight the current page” function working properly. I push the button wit the brush (+) but my Firefox open a with space without the webpage on background.

    Is possible that your extension doesn’t work on Linux?

    I use this message also to propose you to localize the extension I think it will be a great idea to translate it. If you need an italian version please let me know I will provide it without problem πŸ˜‰

    Have a nice day and thanks for extension. It’s a great idea although at the moment is not workin for me.

    Bye bye

    Luca Pedrazzi aka Pedro

  5. The stickies is a nice idea and the ease of editing drawings is greatly appreciated. However, the toolbar hiding is a bit inconvenient. Pressing a button at the bottom just to display the large toolbar is annoying, and we have to press it again to hide it 😦
    It would be better if you could use the Firefox ‘Customize’ dialog for the toolbars to add Firedoodle’s buttons to existing toolbars, or have keyboard shortcuts to create stickies or activate the drawing tool.

  6. Hello,

    I relly love this tool, but all of the functionality does not work. This is really ashame, becaus I have so many uses for all of it!
    I would pay to have the software working properly

  7. We here at CNN use this tool often on our Perceptive Pixel (magic wall) system and are having some troubles. How can we receive support? It seems the highlight function is not working properly. It cannot be dragged or resized. This is also true for the post it notes function.


    Andy R

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