Falcon 1 – Flight 3

Sitting here watching the Falcon 1 launch:

“The third flight will also be from Omelek. It was to have carried TacSat-1 for the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), but NRL canceled the launch of the satellite after the success of the already-launched TacSat-2. This will be the first “operational” flight of Falcon 1. This mission was originally scheduled for 2005, from Vandenberg AFB, but delays due to the Titan IV launch, and problems with the rocket pushed it into mid-2006. It was then delayed further, as the failure of the maiden flight necessitated a second test mission. It is currently scheduled for the second quarter of 2008. This flight is also scheduled to carry a space burial payload including cremated remains of James Doohan, Gordon Cooper, and others.”

and run into this:

Luckily, it’s back up now with T-11 to go.

Update@11:45 EST

It looked like it launched successfully, but the webcast seemed to end abruptly and they reported an anomaly on the rocket. Hmmm.

Update@11:52 EST

“The second stage most likely did not reach orbit, and has probably already crashed on the ground.”

Didn’t make it :(.