Adding CloudShout to WordPress

Need help adding CloudShout to WordPress? Hopefully this will help. Please keep in mind that you must be able to edit the HTML of your WordPress install

Get the Code:

  • Log into Cloudshout
  • Click on the “EDIT” icon next to your blog (If you have not added your blog yet, you can do so now)
  • Click on the “ITK Code” tab
  • Copy the two snippets of code in steps one and two on that page.

Add Code to your blog:

  • Open your favorite text editor
  • Now decide where you want to add the Activity Hub Widget. For me, I have mine in the side bar.
  • Once decided, open the appropriate files (For me, that will be header and sidebar, see image below). Make sure you open the files in the theme you currently have active.

Add the JS Link:

  • I’ve decided to add the JS script link to my themes header, so in header.php, look for the code: . This is the closing of the documents head area.
  • Now, just place the line of code from Step 2 right before that:

…other code…

…other code…

  • ok, save and close.

Add the widget div:

  • I’ve decided to add the widget to my sidebar, so in sidebar.php, look for:
  • Now, right after that, paste the code from step three