CloudShout Alpha 2.1 Released

Today we release CloudShout Alpha 2.1. Here’s what it has in store for you.


  • Clearly shows who you are chatting with
  • Better communication on what the person you are chatting with is doing, like: “Has gone offline”, “Is Typing…”, etc.
  • Lets you know when the other user actually is available in the chat app


  • Better handling of Blocks when an app or user tries to connect to another user that has blocked them.
  • If you browser window/tab is out of focus and you receive invites, the title of the tab/window is prefixed with a number to indicate you have missed message (and how many you have missed)


  • Delivering the friends data has been updated to better handle people that have large amounts of friends
  • Persists friend data so every page load does require it to be fetched again

Activity Hub:

  • The number representing the unknown visitors to your blog has been significantly improved to be more accurate.
  • Past visitors are now ordered by departure time Registration:

  • Better handling of form validation
  • Better communication to users on how to use their SocialSpark login to access CloudShout instead of having to create a new account., Adding Blogs:

  • Fixed issue with strange characters in the the blog descriptions


  • Better support for the Safari browser

General Bug Fixes:

  • Sharing an app will now properly install it via the share message.
  • Better handling of Temp Account creation
  • Various visual issues fixed

Enjoy 🙂