CloudShout Alpha 2.2 Released

Here’s what this update includes:

CloudShout Customization:

  • You can now customize the color and skin of CloudShout on your blog to better integrate it with the look and feel of your site.

CloudShout Communication:

  • IZEA GroupChat has been removed as a stand-alone app and has been added as a core app of CloudShout. This means that you no longer have to install GroupChat. Everyone has it.
  • Added a button on the Hub that will launch the GroupChat application.
  • Joining a Friend – if you see someone online that is not at the current site you are on, then you can “join” them at the site they are at with one click.

Launch Buttons:

  • Developers may wish to create buttons for their applications that site owners can place anywhere on their site if they choose to. This acts as a quick launch method to getting to those app (the ones you think your community will benefit from the most) instead of user having to locate them in the Activity Hub.

App Search:

  • Searching for apps is now a little more intelligent in finding the most relevant apps.

Other bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with the blog list sometimes not showing up on a user profile.
  • Fixed issue with blog titles in the app store.
  • Fixed issue with signup emails
  • Fixed other display issues.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on anything in the App Store in IE caused the user to appear to leave the page to other users on that page.