Cool use for

URLBrief is a url shortening service that allows you to add up to 10 urls. The 10 urls do not get their own shortened url, but a single one that will randomly redirect to one of the 10 links. It sounds strange, I know, but with that you can do cool things like have a random avatar show up (see image in this post, you’ll need to refresh to see it change).

All you need to do is add links to the images you are going to use in URLBrief, then use the shortened url created by URLBrief as the “src” of your image tag:

Of course, you can just do a one-to-one link shortening if you need to. Also, you can get stats on your shortened url by just adding .xml or .html to the end of the link:

Pretty cool… the randomness can be used for all sorts of fun! 🙂