Sneak peak at some upcoming CloudShout features

FriendFeed in user profiles:

This will also be carried over to your Friends Tab in the Activity Hub, so it’s not just a list of your friends avatars – it actually shows what they are up to…

Speaking of profiles, before, you could only open a profile from the Activity Hub, now you can link a person to their profile from your blog post:

You will be able to call lot’s of applications this way, like having a link open up in DangBrowser, for example.

And DangGrowl will support different message types and user/app icons, as illustrated here:

Visuals are not finalized, so that might change. It’s also worth pointing out that messages in DangGrowl can contain options to do things, like in the first notification in the image above.

Lot’s of other cools changes coming in the next release of CloudShout. I can’t wait to show them!