Twitter Powered Blog Comments

Update: This is a post from my old blog – the commenting system is not available here on posterous.

I’ve decided to play around with a new way to leave comments on this blog. I’ve stripped out the built-in methods and replaced them with a Twitter search for a specified hash tag. My belief in doing this, is, comments at my site are only viewable by those visiting the site. But using Twitter, comments on my blog post are now out there in the Twitterverse, were friends of commenters will hopefully become interested in the conversation happening around one of my post and decide to stop by.

Here’s the basics of how it works:

  • When creating a new post, I have a hidden html element with a custom hash tag in it. So this post will have the tag #dsg_newcomments. All hash tags will begin with “dsg” (my initials) to create a sort of namespace for them.
  • Some custom javascript will look for that hidden element and perform a search on Twitter for any uses of the tag, and if so, will populate the comments area with the data it receives.
  • Every 30 seconds, I’ll look for more comments and dynamically add them (and if they are offscreen when that happens, the user will be alert that new comments have arrived).

Actually, I’m in the middle of adding a bunch of new things to my blog, so you may find some things broken. For instance, the inability to get to other posts…. Unfortunately my lunch break is up, so I’ll have to fix that later.

But as far as using Twitter for a blog’s comments… what do you think?