Thoughts on Collecta’s Mobile Search

I took a look at Collecta's mobile search this morning ( and found it a little hard to use.

First, it seems really slow. The XMPP Connection perhaps? It seems to trip up on itself when sliding from screen to screen. Scrolling the page, too, is sluggish.

Second, I'm seeing the same content (from different content creators) over and over again. Would this be acceptable on any other search engine? I've attached a few mock-ups for what I think a solution could be.

I just did another search for "Javascript" and all the results are different, which is great… I must of caught it during a "Harmony" trend, which will happen often I feel.

As a side note, I love Collecta's web interface, take a look (

I know a lot of hard work went into this and I do not want to take away from that. Collecta has great vision, I just want to lend my ideas when I can.