Mozilla F1 will help with serverless apps

My last post looked at ways to build serverless web apps without putting your API keys into the code. After hanging out in the Mozilla Labs Google Group, it seems their F1 add-on for Firefox is going to help with this issue. Awesome!

First off, F1 is a Firefox add-on that allows you to connect your various social accounts such as Twitter and Facebook (and others) and then interact with those social networks from the browser add-on.

What excites me is the experimental Javascript API that comes along with this add-on, which will allow my app can do something like (more info):

   ‘title’:’this is a test!’,
   ‘url’: ‘’,

Which means my app doesn’t need a Twitter App account, I can use F1’s. Great!

But, of course, this is only for users that have the F1 add-on. However, since this falls under the Mozilla Messaging project, I believe/hope their goals are to bake this add-on into the browser at some point.

What can we do to help? Well, install the add-on for yourself and request new services to be added to it, report bugs, hack the code and let me know your ideas.