HopComments: Add comments to HopToad, improve team communication

At work, we use HopToad to track errors from our app. I’ve found that it would be useful to communicate with the rest of the team over the more complicated errors, and for this information to not be lost, especially if the error happens again.

Since we do not own HopToad, we can not install a system like Disqus, which would help with this problem, into the site. Well, not without a Firefox Add-On.

HopComments, a Firefox 4 Add-On, adds your own version of Disqus to HopToad, and gives you something like:


If you think this will help you communicate with your team, you can install HopComments by visiting it’s page on the Mozilla Add-On site. Once installed, there will be an icon in the Add-Ons bar that will let you configure the Add-On for your team.