Where did I pick up my Twitter Followers?

Yesterday I gave a CloudShout presentation at barcamp miami during which I gave out my twitter name (which is dascgo, btw). Later that day, I checked my email to see that I have 10 new followers on Twitter. However, one of them I know was not because of my barcamp presentation. This had me thinking that it would be really useful to know why people have decided to follow me. Here’s what I’m thinking…

When you decide to follow someone, next to the follow button is the option to add a hashtag keyword. So here’s a random person that followed me yesterday, but if it was I that initiated the follow, I would see something like (underlined in green):

Again, that field is completely optional to not impede the one-click follow process. But if people DO fill something in, it could be used in a couple (at least of the top of my head) ways. First, when a user gets an email notifying them of the new follower, we could see this (underlined in green):

I would totally love that. I would know if what I’m doing is successfully reaching people.

Second, what if I went to, say:


and got to see something like:

How useful would that be to event organizers? 🙂

So I admit, I’m still a Twitter noob, and there are so many third party tools for the service that someone may have a similar idea working already. Anyone know of anything like this? I think it would be tremendously helpful.